Today there has been a tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Many people taken from their lives here upon our Earth.

On Wednesday I was walking in the hills of Shropshire on the most beautiful day that radiated peace in such a profound way that it touched me very deeply. I was speaking with my friend about how we have no idea when we are going to leave this beautiful place, perhaps never to return. We were also commenting how we have no idea what lies ahead for us in life as well as an untimely passing. I commented that ten years ago I could never have imagined living in this location, or walking regularly in these hills or indeed having met this friend who I walk with most weeks, and indeed we do enjoy the most wonderful weather even when the forecast has not looked good. We have no doubt that the Universe smiles upon us.

Many of those people in Sulawes were at a beach festival, not knowing that pressures in the plates of the earth were building up to such a degree that they were about to let go with such power that waves would form and wipe away all signs of the festival in seconds. Such is the fragility of life.

I really do give great gratitude for many things all the time. I work hard to be in that place of positive thanks and I take all life very seriously. It even troubles me to walk on the grass but I walk lightly.

Yesterday there was a fly on my windowsill. I could see he was nearing his end. I put a finger out and he climbed on to it and I spoke with him for a while. I have no doubt that God was in his heart, as he is in  ours. I then had to put him down again as I needed to type. This evening, when washing some pots at the sink, there was another fly sitting near the taps, also very slow and perhaps getting ready to leave this world. I decided to leave the pots so that I didn’t disturb him. It may have even been the same fly from yesterday, although I thought this one was a little bigger. If I find a fly that has expired and is perhaps lying on the carpet, I pick them up and take them outside and with a little prayer, I offer their bodies back to mother earth whilst asking for a blessing for their soul.

Am I nuts? Probably. LOL.

What was going on in the fly’s mind and heart? Maybe he was a she, I have no idea. Was he aware that he was preparing to leave this world and re-enter the great ocean of consciousness that is eternal life and await a rebirth, perhaps as a dolphin or an eagle. Who knows? We just don’t know and so that is why we should be ever so aware of the fragility of life and aware of every moment of life that we can be, and celebrate each breath that we are allowed to take in this precious reality.

Once I saw the spirit of a great oak tree leave this earth and re-merge with the ocean of eternal consciousness. In that moment I understood eternal life. It was perhaps the greatest gift I have ever received. Once seen and witnessed, it changes your life forever. The energy is eternal. It just goes back to source allowing the carcase of life to fade away into the matter that is mother earth.

Filling ourselves with love, peace and gratitude goes a long way to helping the Universe provide wonderful experiences for us. It is those wonderful experiences that are the real wealth of life. If we stop for a moment each day and learn to see how generous life is to us, then life will reflect more wealth to us.

Life, indeed is so fragile and easily lost in so many ways. Take a moment today to think loving thoughts for all people who have passed over in this past 24 hours, not only the tsunami casualties. Just allow your heart to open into the Universe and wish them a safe passage into the birth of their next experience of eternal life. At the same time, a thought for the pain of loss felt by those who are still with us will help all people so very much. Do not underestimate the power of a loving thought. It can change the world.

Wishing you a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.

With Love and Blessings.