As we all know time is an illusion, it doesn’t exist. Those who have made many advanced steps on the spiritual path may even have learned how to go beyond time and space and enter Fifth Dimensional Reality. However, we have to come back into this reality to function at any level where other people might actually understand us. LOL.

This illusion of time can be a tricky thing. Firstly, it doesn’t exist and so you can’t have any of it in the first place, but you can actually run out of it, even though you don’t have any!

That has been the situation this week, I’m afraid. Those of you who dwell upside down below the equator will have noticed that you didn’t read a notification for Darshan in time to register because the time illusion ran out before I wrote anything. Not enough time this week to get to where I wanted to get to in terms of production.

Living upside down is another illusion. When looking at the earth from a certain angle in space, people are positioned all around the sphere with their feet on the surface. Yet some of them are upside down and others are horizontal around the equatorial regions, whilst those nearer the top are the right way up. Yet, if you get on a plane and fly from one end of the earth to the other, then you find that people are not upside down, but they most certainly were when viewed from space. Just another of life’s little illusions.

So, my apologies to those of you in Australia and New Zealand who are way ahead of us in time when you mark the passing of the hours on your electric sundials. However, I note with joy that the regulars have joined me anyway, knowing that regardless of me being out of time, Darshan will be delivered at the time that it is expected.

Do you know why that is?

It is because of a trick in the Fifth Dimensional Reality. I merely wind back the none existent clock to deliver Darshan to all those who have registered, even though I haven’t seen their registration.

Do you know how this is possible?

It is because I have an assistant that works in many dimensions, not just this one or, indeed, the Fifth one.

He watches your heart. He knows if you are going to register or not. In fact, he even stumulates your heart occassionally to influence you to register because he can see that you need something special from him. When you register, he has the opportunity to deliver his gift through Darshan, directly into your heart.

He knows that when I am back in the hot seat, I will ensure that all the paperwork for Darshan is done correctly and no heart will be missed. It will be completed in Real Time, that is Real Time of the illusory kind and it will be completed with the Light in my heart.

So time is an illusion and we create the illusion of having some of it. This illusory time is very useful for getting together with others at a certain, prearranged time and occassionally we might be late, looking at our time pieces and declaring, “Where did the time go!”

The time probaby went back into that place where it is stored before becoming an illusion. We keep it in time machines, that we call clocks, watches, phones and whatever. It comes in analog and digital forms and occassionally gives you the same numbers twice to show you that someone is letting you how special the moment is.

It will be 17:17 in a moment, and I’ll be sending you this belated message of love.

Whether you have already received your Darshan 10 hours ago, or are about to prepare for it in the next few hours, you can be certain of one thing. It will never fail to arrive and when it hits your heart it will be nothing but pure love from beyond the realms of time and space.

As I rushed to the computer to send the Darshan message, I didn’t have time to write a little note to you, but my friend who arranges everything when I am late, wrote it through my fingers as soon as I sat down.

There must have been enough time!

Please enjoy your Darshan.

With my deepest Love and Blessings.