It’s all about the heart.

When the heart begins to open you have no doubt who you are and why you are here, but how do we get to that point?

Also, are you a Chosen One. A person who has been sent here on a mission to help humanity? Yes, it might sound like a grand title, but those who wear it often have had extremely difficult lives as they had to learn so much in order to be able to help others. However, we are not going into that today, but looking at a particular case study of evolution in action in the life of a healer.

This is the story of Janey, a spiritual student who has worked with me, as and when needed, for a number of years. The process of spiritual evolution takes place when it takes place and although I can stimulate the process, more often than not it has already been stimulated within the person by the universe, when they knock on my door. When life becomes difficult and doesn’t make sense any longer people usually reach out for help.

Now, let’s explain that. You know the term God works in Mysterious Ways, well you would not believe how mysterious until you see some of the chaos that is caused in a person’s life, just to wake them up to the fact that, a) they can’t do it all by themselves and, b) They need to learn to reach out for help occasionally. A and B are actually universal laws, but again I won’t go into that now as we want to look at what was happening with Janey.

When you are on the spiritual path, there is much to learn and the only way you learn it is through experience. When difficulty arrives in your life, it is always because you need to learn from it, and as you work on yourself, on your path, then you learn many things about how the Universe works, compared to how humans work.

Janey is well versed in spiritual matters as a healer of long standing, but when things become difficult, she knows it is time to receive guidance to find out what is going on and why.

Last year, she engaged in a course that I ran called 13 Moons of Transformation. Over the period of a year, Light was poured into her heart. If you pour enough Light into a person, it brings many things to the surface that need to change, and in the process offers you the opportunity to move forward by addressing these matters. Also though, it opens the heart at a very deep level and in that process exposes energies that need to be dissolved out of the consciousness.

What are the symptoms of an evolutionary process?

The symptoms of a deeper transformation are usually that you feel empty; that life has no meaning; like you have been unplugged from anything that made sense to you in the past and the emptiness quite often drowns you in a sense of deep desolation and meaningless. You reach a place of asking, what is the point in life?

What causes this is two-fold. Firstly, the God-consciousness unplugs you from the person that you were so that you cannot hold on to anything that you were, hence the emptiness and desolation. Secondly, the aura tends to be flooded with the energies of darkness surrounding the deeper issues of life, the learning process and fears that prevent you from moving forward any further.

Boy do you feel bad! Life really has no meaning at all, but when we look into the consciousness we can find out exactly what is happening. What energies are flooding you and what if anything we can do to assist this process.

In Janey’s case, firstly, we were not certain if this was a full blown evolutionary process at this early juncture that was causing her to feel so bad, or if it was just a series of energies that were rising from the deeper consciousness to be released. So we identified the dark energies firstly, which were a group of fears, powerful, dark, troublesome and overwhelming. The nature of fear is literally a dark cloud of energy, so there is no need to see it as evil, but as restrictive and limiting. The fears were Fear of Life, Fear of Death and Fear of Incarnation. This is a group of fears known as Evolutionary Fears and always work as a group. The actual meaning of them is very different to the names that describe them, and that is for another time, but it enough to say that the power of them totally stops your life dead in its tracks.

Working with Janey’s Higher Self, once these had been identified we Targeted them with a Program that would pour Light into hear heart and begin to dissolve them during the coming weeks and months. Once we begin an evolutionary program such as this, we let the Light get on with the job of dissolving the Target and then review the situation around four weeks later.

At this first juncture, I was not sure if this was the totality of the situation and once dissolved she would reconnect with herself and move forward again, or if there was indeed, a much deeper process taking place and we were waiting to see what would show itself once we began to open and move the deeper consciousness with the Light.

There was an intermediate process where another group of fears arose and we continued pouring Light into her heart, but again we had to wait to see what would show itself when the deeper consciousness opened.

At the follow up session some weeks later, the picture was much clearer. Under normal circumstances, the darkness would have moved to a degree where she was once again connected with her deeper self and have emerged from the darkness, but in this case, she actually felt worse. Great! Now we really know what we are dealing with. A full blown evolutionary process and rebirth into a higher vibration. Time for celebration, even though Janey was not yet in the mood to appreciate this.

We reviewed the whole energy system again through connecting with her Higher Self for guidance. I was taken very deeply into the heart and was aware of this massive pulling force on the aura. The aura was actually being sucked inwards, crushing her energy system. Much more dramatic than the previous two viewings. This was a powerful force which I recognised as a process that is called A Black Hole Effect.

As we had poured Light into Janey’s heart at the beginning of the process to dissolve the group of Evolutionary Fears that were preventing her further growth, the Light had accelerated the deeper issues and now I could see that here were another series of fears rising to the surface, but these were the most powerful forms of fear which are all about transformation into a higher expression of consciousness pertaining to God-consciousness. Sometimes in this situation we see a Fear of being touched by God. I won’t give you the exact details of these fears as this is a sacred and privileged procedure, but suffice to say that these fears consist of the most fundamental and powerful issues that prevent humanity as a whole, as well as individually, from merging with God-consciousness.

What was now taking place was this absolute battle between Light and dark in the deepest part of the consciousness. The Light of the God-consciousness was trying to emerge from the core of the heart and the fears associated with becoming this aspect of God-consciousness were pulling so much energy out of her life to try and prevent the Light emerging. The result of this battle was that the dark energy of the fears was creating a pulling force that is like a black hole in space and the aura was being pulled into this dark mass that was intensifying by the day.

The fears are literally trying to prevent the process of the evolution of human consciousness. Until you are called work with light, you don’t really experience anything like this in normal everyday life, but once working with Light, then Universal Consciousness is always pushing you to new heights be developing your heart to hold more and more light.

The Light continues to pulse and push and try and push the dark matter out of the heart and sooner or later, the Light will win the battle. In the meantime though Janey is experiencing the inner hell of being cut off from her own Light as the darkness does all it can to prevent the process of evolution. For me it is just like watching Gandalf fighting the Balrog in a way. It is a very visual process as I open the doors to the deeper consciousness guided by the Higher Self of the individual to be shown what is happening. From the point where I have seen it and understand it, then assistance is given from the Universe, which is immediate. I am guided what tools we need and how to approach the process in order to assist the individual in their rebirthing into a higher vibration and expanded expression of their consciousness.

Sometimes the process is a quick fix and then the person’s energy system continues to open by itself and carry them forward in life. Sometimes it is a deep and profound process that can take a few months to play out. Either way, I am a little like a mid-wife helping clear the way for the Light within to emerge to a new level. Through this process of inner rebirth the individual then carries more Light into the world, and thus, shines more brightly. If they are a spiritual worker, their work becomes more powerful and then are then able to assist others to also bring more Light into the world.

Through healing and evolutionary processes, so the world will become a better place. We can all play a part and when the Light calls to your heart, you will not be able to resist its call.

With Love and Blessings.