Dear All,

Thank you so much for your feedback recently. Unless I receive anything I really have no idea what’s happening on the other side of my Darshan Transmission. Fortunately, people do from time to time send some feedback that I can share with you, and this is so valuable to both you and I. Below this article is some feedback from Viki. Thank you Viki.

Recently, I offered two Darshans, one was free and the other I asked for you to consider what it was worth to you and use a Donate Button (if you wished to donate) a value that you could place on this Divine Blessing.

Many of you really got the message in this little game and the answer was, “How can you put a value on such a thing as a Divine Blessing.” It was great to read your messages of support and feedback and see who got it. Indeed, you can’t put a monetary value on it at all. It is impossible. But there are many ways to value something and that is what the Universe is alway trying to teach us.

The other side of this ‘value’ coin was a little opportunity to figure out the Universal Laws associated with energy and light. A kind of, ‘As above, so below.’ So, the opportunity to return something to the source of the gift, as it were.

Well, you might ask, what is the source, or who is the source? Well the source of the Blessing is God-consciousness, but how does it manage to transmit into our world? It transmits through the heart of a person who has developed the ability to pass that transmission.

How many people are on the spiritual path and have been for many, many years? The answer is thousands, and all of those people constantly ask themselves how far they have got and they also, to a large degree, doubt that they have got very far. But that is part of the illusion. Even when your heart opens to the point where you experience the full flooding of golden light through your entire being, you still doubt that you have got very far.The reason for this doubt is that God-consciousness only speaks through you when it is necessary or needed. So, for the most part, you are still you until that moment that you are privileged to be able to bring your light from your core and into the world. The rest of the time, you get on with earning your living and paying the bills like everyone else.

I have worked full time in the spiritual development field for almost 30 years, that’s a fair apprenticeship and you never end this apprenticeship when you are working with light, you just continue forever until it is all over for this lifetime. You just keep going and in that process experience some truly amazing things that go far beyond any words to describe them. The Universe shows me my value and it always helps me pay the bills through the hearts of those who have truly felt the love and power in the light that they receive.

The way you receive light as in the Darshan Blessing is through the activation of certain Universal Laws. These are Laws that you can learn intellectually but to really understand them, you become the light in The Laws. It is a process of becoming. As the Light enters your heart, then you slowly become the Light within your heart.

The little game that I set for you to disover the value was for you to really discover the power of these Laws and how they reflect to you what you invest in them.

Some of The Laws are complex but yet simple and the way they work in relationship to each other is the tricky part, but as your heart fills with Light you begin to feel the truth of The Laws and then you truly experience how to manifest God-consciousness in our world of matter.

The fundamental driving force of The Laws is this one:  The Law of Reflection. You hear it all time spoken of in our world, for example, ‘What goes around comes around.’ ‘You get what you give,’ etc. We speak the Universal Laws all the time but perhaps don’t notice that we do so.

When you get the opportunity to value something or someone, you have an opportunity from the Universe to get that value right and then the universe moves on. It might be something as simple as a stranger saying ‘good morning’ to you. What is the value in that? I can tell you that you have no idea for you do not know where that greeting or blessing came from.

When your heart has opened to a certain degree, then you will see where it came from though, and it always comes from the Universe. speaking through that person, helping you to learn how to value interaction in our world. It is just God giving you the opportunity to feel the truth of what lies behind something simple, but may have profound consequences for your success in this life.

Day by day, the Universe will place little blessings or opprortunities right in front of you and as you learn how to truly see and value them, then you will activate the Law of Reflection more and more which brings untold wealth into your life.

Here is a little example of wealth which came to me from someone who valued the recent Darshan.

Dear David,

I think Darshan is truly miraculous. I had lost faith. I had given up. I was in a dark place again. Then came your kind invitation over which I dithered. Perhaps your personal assistant gently prodded my heart to make me take a chance and see what would happen if I took Darshan again. I’m grateful he did. But how can one put a price on Darshan?

I always find it hard to be precise about what happened during Darshan.
What I can say is that I felt enveloped by love and deeply comforted by the Light and I had my faith restored. I find it almost impossible though to describe the depth of the experience.

Talking about miracles: just before the start of Darshan my elderly cat decided to get stuck on the roof. No time for ladders and rescue. So I prayed to the Light to please, please lift him gently off the roof. When I went out after Darshan there he was, safely grounded and I know he couldn’t have managed to come down on his own!

Thank you, David, for making miracles possible!
With grateful thanks,

God will always try to show you that he is there, supporting you, but your part is to learn how to trust that support and enter into the game of life by learning the rules of the game, or the Laws.

For Viki, above, she received many miracles from her Darshan. Who put the cat on the roof, so that she could see that it would again come back down to earth? That was merely the confirmation she was seeking that she was not alone, but obviously being set some challenges in order to learn how to come closer to Universal Consciousness.

Miracle 2. She fought but listened and signed up. People always fight against bringing light into their hearts. It is a natural process of the battle of the spiritual warrior trying to find the strength to carry on as God sends his challenges in order that we might learn.

Miracle 3. Faith Restored.

Miracle 4 and more. Many more to come because you entered into the little challenge that I set you and you played by the rules, you sent me some feedback and therefore you will have triggered The Law of Reflection. Now you are on your way out of a dark place again.

I wish you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday and a lovely weekend.

With my deepest love and blessings.