Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…

On the spiritual path, sometimes we have to pass through the darkness. Indeed, if light comes into our being, it will illuminate the darkness. If our own inner light goes through an illumination process, it too will stimulate darkness to rise from the hidden depths of our consciousness to be released through our heart.

The shadow of death is nothing more than a shadow. It is not death, for there is no death of the essential being that is our inner light. We are eternal but merely wearing this cloak of disguise whilst we walk through the valley of this physical experience.

Our shadow is cast as light shines upon our ego, that part of us that makes itself known in the world, that communes with others and shows itself to be what it is, a construct in which our truth is hidden until such time that our true self comes forward to be seen from the source of the light within us. At that point there is no shadow, only light.

When we walk in the light of a teacher, that light will show you your shadow, which may at times cause you great pain as you see your own truth reflected back to you. As we walk our path through life, it is often strewn with the difficulties that our ego-self has created for us to learn from. As we back-track into the shadow we have an opportunity to clear and dissolve the energy of any difficulties that we have left in our shadow.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will see only the strife that I have created for myself, but I will fear no evil from the pain I experience, as this is the cleansing of the my shadow. As my shadow is released, so I will dwell more within my own light and that eternal light that comes to cleanse me.

Where there is light, then I will see my shadow and I will be uplifted in the knowledge that a great light is showing it to me so that I might transcend this place of inner pain and darkness, so that I might live in a higher way, exalted and risen from the shadow of death that followed me.

I am light. I choose to walk in light and therefore at times I will see and feel the shadow of death, the shadow that kills my heart, but I will not fear, for the light that showed me my shadow, is also that which will dissolve it’s darkness and lift me beyond any place that I could possibly imagine.

The Shadow of Death is nothing more than the small things that you have gathered around yourself that are slightly less than wholesome. Slightly distant from Divine. As you learn how to walk a path of light, so your shadow will dissolve away and you will shine as the light that you are.

As the light of this week’s Darshan flows into your heart, it may just dissolve some of your shadow without you even knowing it. That is the blessing of the Divine at work.

With My Deepest Love and Blessings.