It’s that time of year where for me it feels like the Twilight Zone – the space between the winter solstice and the start of the natural yearly cycle and the space between Christmas and the beginning of the calendar New Year.

It is that space where a lot of people don’t really seem to know what to do with themselves, but at the same time enjoy the period when they have taken extended holidays. Usually by this time, those who have work to go to are getting ready to enjoy that last great party of New Year’s Eve before launching themselves back into work mode for the coming months.

When I was younger and running my typesetting business in Manchester, as the New Year began I would work solidly without a day off until the Easter break to give myself a really good start to the year, allowing a bit more time off when the better weather came. But these days I really enjoy taking that time out and doing other things.

As you know, this year has been a little different due to my heart attack in early November, but from the 23rd of December I decided that I would take time out and just be in a place of being ‘me for me.’ No outside work, clients or students and everything would have to wait for the beginning of January when I would then have rested well, allowing body and soul to find peace and then be ready for what the Universe is going to offer us.

My recovery is going very well indeed, although I did overdo it a couple of days ago when I lifted two very heavy items to put in the car. I just forgot that I need to consider that the body trauma is still there to a degree and finding its new balance. But all in all it is a very interesting time as I have been experiencing moments of so much happiness that I almost feel guilty about it.

I was driving down to town this morning, for example, and coming round a bend in the road I looked to my right across the countryside and my heart was suddenly uplifted with joy and happiness at the sight of the open fields. It was an intense moment that set the tone for the rest of the day. It can be the smallest thing that triggers this strange new level of happiness. It is not that I was unhappy previously, but something is happening in the heart that is changing the level of happiness that I experience.

I can take this back to my time in the ambulance I think, when I had that moment of annoyance when I couldn’t see Jesus in my moment of need, quickly followed by the acceptance that if this was my time to leave this physical body I was ok with it. In fact, I was very happy and it was as if nothing mattered at all. Not a single thought about anything, just acceptance and happiness. A kind of contentment. As I have reflected on those moments over the holiday period, I have become ever clearer that I was experiencing the Christ Light and that nothing mattered and I was in safe hands. Hands that were not of this world but hands that were limitless in their expansion of the possibilities that were available to us beyond this world. That clarity that there truly is no end, just transformation.

It reminded me of those last words of Jesus on the cross. “Father, why hast though forsaken me.” Nobody is really sure if that is what he did say, but I could understand it from my own moment in the ambulance where I, the servant of the Light reached out for my teacher to find him not there. But seconds later I recognised his consciousness was with me on another level. Perhaps in those moments of pain he was in that same place, reaching out to the Greater God-consciousness that he knew so well only to find that it hadn’t manifested in the way he thought it might in those moments of transformation, but surely, he would not wait long to realise that it was part of him and he of it and never the twain would be parted or could be parted, ever. And that is why his consciousness is still available to guide us today. We just have to reach out for it. Seek you and you shall find.

As we come towards the end of this holiday period, my heart is so filled with love, joy and happiness that I wish wholeheartedly to share those qualities of feeling with you all this coming year and for as long as possible. I am looking forward to seeing how the Universe is going to help me bring this transformational Light forwards to share with you all.

So, in those moments of doubt or difficulty as the coming year unfolds, please know that the Light and Consciousness of the Universe never leaves you. You are never abandoned, but so dearly loved and guided all the way. We just have to take our time and listen to our feelings and we will become ever closer to that Light that radiates from the source and through our own heart.

Wishing you all the most wonderful beginning to the New Year, whichever one you celebrate and hope that all good things continue to unfold for you through the year.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.