Obviously a play on words from the latterly famous shoot out at the OK Corral between lawmen and outlaws. This illustration is about how opposing forces come together face-to-face sometimes and unless some wisdom is applied to the situation then serious consequences can result. In the case of the OK Corral, some were killed and others were wounded.

But what has that got to do with the spiritual path?

It is very simple. It is an illustration about energy, light and darkness.

First of all it is the energy of opposition. Two opposing forces with a different world view that come face-to-face. Each one insisting that theirs is the right way, or their way and the other should just get out of the way or perhaps even be annihilated.

You see it throughout history. One force trying to dominate the other force. One ideal attempting to crush the other ideal. Historically, it more often than not ended with a massive loss of life as human blood was spilled into the earth.

Has anything changed? Well, perhaps a little has changed in as much as we don’t throw Christians to the lions for entertainment any longer in the arenas of the Roman Empire, but certainly people still kill people for having a different view of reality.

When the awakening begins and your heart begins to seek the truth within, and of course, the truth without, we begin to see how the tit-for-tat approach to attack and revenge is a never ending cycle that reverberates throughout eternity. When one attacks another, it creates a ripple in the mirror of the future, which is going to be reflected back to the perpetrator at some point, whether in this life or the next. There is no way you will get away with doing anything that is unwholesome to another person.

Even so much as a dark thought creates such a ripple and will come hurtling back at you with great speed if you are already advanced on your path. Instant Karma! I have experienced instant karma even before I’ve slipped up, just to slap me and awaken me before the event, but sometimes you can’t even stop yourself because you are driven by great forces within that you have not yet mastered. The path is a phenomenal journey that seems at times to be never ending, but as tiny seeds of light and consciousness at our core that fundamentally inhabit wild animals with wild animalistic tendencies, we have much work to do.

When an injustice is committed against another, the reflection is immediately placed in motion and for those on the spiritual path, it tends to come back to them very quickly and in the form of a never-ending trauma in your consciousness until you atone for the misdeed. In one of Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of Thomas he says, “I will give you what no eye has seen and what has not arisen in the heart of man.” This is a reference to many things that you will have brought into this life to cleanse yourself of or atone for. It is the ripple you placed in the fabric of the universal mirror at some previous time, which can be either ten life times ago or last week. As your heart awakens and your light begins to shine within, it illuminates the energy of the past that must pass from you in this life in order for you to grow. The light doesn’t necessarily illuminate the original issue, unless you still need to learn from it, but it illuminates the energy that dwells within you that needs to be released.

As your light grows, so the inner distress grows with it, until it can finally be released. At that point, you will go through a great shift in terms of your vibration.

The Train Crash
As you step into the light of your teachers their light will move you. It will open you merely by being in their presence. Their illuminated heart will feed your own heart, even if you are unaware of this happening. It will likely cause you distress and difficulty and you may well curse them and walk away, but at some point, you will see the truth of what has taken place, and then of course, you have to face the reflection of the curse you placed. See how it keeps coming back?

Your vibration will change constantly as you drink in light and you will find others on the path who resonate with where you are in your development, and indeed, this resonance will assist you both. But also, you will encounter others who’s light might be more powerful, or indeed less developed than your own and in these encounters you will experience the difficulty of opposition, or opposing force. They may speak words that do not resonate with you at all and that will cause you inner pain, anger, rage or many other things on the emotional scale.

Imagine two trains colliding head-on at high speed. Those are massive forces, one probably more intense that the other and the resulting coming together creates chaos.

Navigating the spiritual path is about seeing the chaos of collision even before you arrive at it, or even swerving at the last moment to avoid it, but also, and most importantly, whatever energy hits you from such a close encounter, you must learn to see the truth in it.

If it is painful, then it is either a lesson or the mirror bringing back to you the pain that you created a long, long time ago.

The saying goes that revenge is sweet and the energy of revenge is so powerful that it tricks people into the continuum pool where they are forever receiving a smack from their own reflection, whilst blaming it on others.

Every difficulty in life is of your own making at some point in your history and so we must learn to look for the lesson in every difficulty. When difficulty comes, then just ask the question, “What am I trying to learn from this?”

In order to prevent difficulty, then sow no difficulty for others. Sow only gentle thoughts, uplifting ideas and love and then only these things will come back to you as the Universe reflects your truth.

When difficulty comes, take it in deeply, dwell with it and ask for guidance and understanding. Never enter into riposte or retaliation, not even the thought of it, even though it might burn in your breast to get back at someone. Turn the other cheek and in that way, eventually, the universal mirror will cease to present humans with the reflection of the pain they have created for others and peace will reign everywhere.

It might take a long time, but those who are working on themselves, drinking in light, learning a new way are contributing to a new world vibration. One heart at a time opening will eventually lead to a tipping point where the old world cannot survive against the illumination of a new humanity.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.