I had a knowing as a child that the majority of people didn’t understand what love is. But, neither did I when I was that young person. So, I had this knowing, but I didn’t know the answer and would not understand until many years later.

How do you explain that to people? Well you can’t because understanding love is a process of inner transformation.

Love is nothing to do with how you feel about another person, animal or thing. Those strong feelings that we might have for others are emotional attachments and connections which bring a reflection of good, powerful and passionate feelings. Where can you find the word love in those words? You can’t because it isn’t there.

This is just one small example of how we use words to mean something without really thinking about the words and what their true meaning is.

Coming back to the nature of love, one way that it may be possible to understand it is through the emotion of excitement. Strange you might think, but pure excitement is the energy that is created within us when the Universe is communicating directly with our heart.

If you follow the feelings of excitement and truly feel them deeply, then you will feel a certain guidance behind the feeling and that guidance is the God-consciousness letting you know that you should follow the excitement as that will lead to you being uplifted into the energy of love.

Excitement is not love, but it is a doorway to love. The energy of the universe is love. The stars that puncture the dark blanket of night sprinkle love upon the earth whilst the sun rests. We are never without a firmament of light and light is love, even though sometimes there may be a few clouds in the way.

When two hearts are truly bonded with the light of love, it doesn’t really have anything to do with those emotional feelings, but it has everything to do with understanding the truth of what is binding them together and when two hearts are bound in such a way, not in, but with the light of univeral love, then no man can ever put that assunder. For it is out of man’s hands. It is Unversal Love that binds them and man has absolutely no control over that.

So, when those hearts are bound, what great intellegence is bringing them together, walking with them, guiding them and bringing itself into their lives?

And you may even ask the questions, why is does this happen? How can this happen?

The answer is because their is a massive guiding hand that plays a huge part in our lives and our work is to learn how to open and align with it and align with the mission it has planned for our lives in this world and our salvation in the next.

If we make no effort to align with that higher purpose, life is nothing more than passing time.

With my deepest Love and Blessings for a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.