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It’s deeper than an ocean,
Bigger than the sky,
Wider than the heavens,
That you see with your eye.

With something indefinably vast, how is it possible to ever understand ourselves?

If you could view your life from a remote perspective, it would be like watching a film. When you watch a film you see only the light that shines through the celluloid projecting onto a screen. You only see the surface image.

If you could see your life from that remote perspective, you would actually only see the projected image and not the truth beneath the surface that allows that projection to materialise.

But when you are in your life, it is like being on the surface of a bottomless lake. Your life is being projected from a very deep level. Everything beneath you is your consciousness. If you can learn how to look beneath the surface by opening your consciousness deep enough, you can begin to see and perceive what lies beneath the surface of your life creating the image that plays out on the surface.

When we inhabit normal everyday consciousness we live on the surface and without effort, we stay on the surface for our whole life without ever seeing what drives us from below.

Down beneath the surface is every layer that you have ever created as you pass through many lives. They are all stored as a record of who you are and what made you this way. Also, there are many layers of things that you still need to learn, your lessons, and even bigger lessons, such as life-lessons. There are things you still need to practice in order to perfect them and so become the best expression of you that you can be.

Each lifetime on this earth, not counting those lives in other realms of existence, you have the opportunity of creating something new, more expansive, more in line with the perfection that the Universe holds out for you as an example of what you can become, but it takes time, and of course, we are always in a certain state of perfection anyway.

We could say that if we do nothing, then our state of perfection is just fine for now and if anything needs to change then the Universe will push us in that direction. For some, that may be true, but for the many, it most definitely isn’t fine.

The Law of Reflection, which is one of the major laws that plays our life constantly is a fine messenger of our truth. So, if we do nothing, then nothing tends to happen in terms of us unlocking our evolutionary potential, as nothing is the reflection of nothing.

If we work at trying to find out a little about ourselves though, then that powerful Law will jump to attention and help us find what we may be seeking.

Those ever present questions that haunt humans never go away until you find the answers to them. In some lives you may not be bothered but in this one you should be bothered. Why? Because this is a great time where the Universe is opening its doors and bathing us in the light of transformation and truth. It is helping us.

Who Am I and Why Am I Here? These are the questions.

Try sitting beside some still waters and peer gently beneath the surface. Allow your heart to reach out to what lies beneath and you will learn to feel the truth of who you are. You may feel the stimulation of the loving reflection. You may experience insight or receive a message through your intuition.

He makes meto lie down in green pastures,
He leads beside the still waters.
He restores my soul.

In those three lines above, this Psalm tells you how to find the truth of who you are by looking beneath the surface and finding the truth that your soul holds out for you to discover. All the secrets are hidden in plain sight. They are written in many places throughout history by those who found the rules of the game and applied them to their life. Sit with any words of truth and light and you will eventually open what is hidden within them and they will reveal to you all manner of ways that you might find the ultimate treasure that lies in your heart.

It may not be possible to understand everything about ourselves, our previous lives’ histories and what lies beneath the surface within that vast ocean of consciousness, but you can certainly keep finding pieces of the puzzle and each one brings you closer to your perfection and to your inner treasure.

It’s all just a game of life but if we don’t learn to play by the rules that guide us towards perfection, then we don’t really get very far.

Wishing you a wonderful Darshan this Sunday.

With Love and Blessings.