Entering the 5th Dimension

What does 5th Dimension really mean and how is it possible to enter it?

We live in the 3rd Dimension. We can see feel and touch most things around us. We can pick up a cup and examine it all the way around, but we can’t be inside the cup and outside of it at the same time. That is experiencing in the 5th dimension. You don’t see into 5th dimension you become a part of that reality, or at least your consciousness does.

I was given to write this teaching today as the result of a lovely 5th dimensional experience that I had the other day when working with a very close and valued colleague. An issue had been coming up with him that was very deeply rooted and this had troubled him for many, many years. Issues like this are not necessarily active all of the time, but when something triggers them, they come forth with an energy that can be quite explosive.

Something had happened a few days previously and this had triggered the issue. When we connected on Skype, I felt the full force of it, sending him the recording later so that he could also experience the energy of the issue as it came forth from his deeper, troubled consciousness.

We think we are ok, but the truth is that we are all troubled
When we eventually reach an enlightened state, then we will probably be ok. LOL, but until then there are many, many patterns that are hidden so deep within us that we will probably only scrape the surface of them in one lifetime. However, the Universe is trying to help us move old stuff as everything speeds ups.

In my book The Keys of Transformation, I explained how it is very clear to see how the Universe is unfolding merely by looking at world events from the 1950s. The acceleration of consciousness is undeniable and we are in the midst of massive change on a daily basis. But let’s not get off the scent here.

Since my awakening, a long, long time ago now, the Universal Consciousness has continually pushed my own consciousness into expansion or to be able to open ever deeper into the reality that underpins our waking consciousness. The first time I was aware that I was beginning to travel outside of our 3rd dimensional reality was probably in the late 1990s, about 20 years ago. There has indeed been massive shifts since that time too.

In the late 90s, I was given a light to help me with my healing work. It was not so much a stream of light, yet it was such a thing as a stream of light, but it was bigger and wider than a stream of light and seemed to flow everywhere at the same time. My clientele and students were all over the world and this light enabled me to connect directly into their hearts in an instant, no matter where they were. I wouldn’t say it was freaky as this seemed perfectly normal, even though it wasn’t.

When in a consultation, I would begin to yawn and each yawn opened my own consciousness deeper into myself, into my own heart. As my own heart opened in this way, it connected with the Higher True Self of the person I was speaking with on the phone. Today, I often use Skype or phone but the point was that the Universe enabled me to work with anyone, anywhere in the world in what we might call real time. In fact, what was really happening was that I had been prepared in a way that allowed the Universe so send those to me whom it was trying to open up.

The Wheel of Light Frequencies
My Guidance called this Light The Wheel of Light which I found didn’t really describe what I was experiencing. It was more like a kind of ray of light, more like a laser in fact. When this light was given to me, it was in a vision. I was shown an old fashioned cartwheel lying on the ground and every inch of it was covered in blazing fire. I was at the centre or the hub and each spoke that radiated outwards from my heart carried this fire to a specific destination.

I used this light to develop Evolutionary Programs that cleared the energy systems of clients of all manner of thing that prevented them unfolding to the next level. I learned that this light was an evolutionary light. It was moving me from being a healer to being able to unlock the truth in an individual’s heart, helping them to become freer within. At the end of each blazing spoke of this wheel was a human heart and each time the light touched a heart an evolutionary event took place within the person.

The Universe was using my heart as a gateway into the world where it could touch the hearts of others and help them to awaken. Since the 90s, there have been thousands of people whose hearts have drunk from this fountain of light that pours through my heart.

In the first few years of working with The Wheel of Light, it opened my chakras, channels and heart to such a degree that I then received The Emerald Heart Light in 2005. That developed the evolutionary programs even more and each light had a particular job to do, which I won’t go into here as we are getting away from the point of this teaching.

The Oneness of Consciousness
The deepest issues we carry are mostly created in previous lives and they have become so deeply buried that we can’t touch them with our own consciousness. It is almost impossible to plumb the depths of our own consciousness in order to find the source of the irritation. We enter the fog of our own sub-conscious which does all it can to help us avoid overcoming the issue, as this will bring change if we understand the issue and how it works within us. The sub-conscious operates from a position where it doesn’t want anything to change, and so it is totally invested in preventing your evolution and enlightenment. And that is how we remain captive forever.

The alcoholic thinks they don’t have a problem because they can’t see it. They can’t see it because they exist within its vibration. It is normal to them to be like that. The wife beater is the same. The criminal is the same. Any one of a huge array of issues control people and force them to act in a particular way to help them survive. Our issues are often our drug, but not of choice. We are the prisoner of it, just as the alcoholic is the prisoner of drink.

The only useful work in this world is the work you do on yourself
Those who have done a lot of work on themselves, amounting to years, will have a good idea of what I am talking about, and even then, they will be surprised when something new comes to the surface. As we clear the deeper consciousness of these pains that we are often unaware of, then deeper aspects of our hidden selves can rise. That is the nature of how raising your vibration brings up the next issues. When you reach this point in your development the Universe is really, really helping you to clear more and pulling you put the ladder of evolution.

The Journey

When you work with light there is no doubt that it will illuminate things that you need to see in order to learn about them, dissolve the energy in them, overcome them and free yourself from the burden they place on your life. Those people who have never worked with anyone to help them have probably gone virtually no distance at all in their evolution, but does that matter?

But those who are called to find answers to life are those whom the Universe is calling towards light, as that is the way we expand our consciousness.

The Expansion of Consciousness
As I worked with my colleague, we went deeper, deeper and deeper. Out of this life and into previous lives. Who knows how far back in time we went as that is not what his heart wanted me to find. It wanted me to locate the place in time and space when the original pain was suffered that created the present day issue.

As I go deeper, I slip beyond this reality. I am on a journey to help someone move beyond this painful limitation to their life. I little pain that won’t allow them to see the truth because that will free them.

Entering the 5th dimension is when you begin to feel the same issue and pain in yourself. Then you begin to meld with the person you are working with. You feel their issue so clearly that you are then able to unravel the story of what happened to them originally, all those lives ago. It is like following clues by following the feelings in my own heart and once I get to the final point, my heart becomes free of the pressure and emotional difficulty that it feels from within the client.

The moment I touch the energy of that original pain, it begins to dissolve. It cannot hold on any longer. It can’t hide because it has been seen. In the moment I see it, light pours through my heart into it and the energy begins to dissolve that has held it in place for all that time.

Experiencing the Oneness of all Humanity
In that moment, I feel and experience the whole of human consciousness. I am swimming in the oneness of everything. I experience that we are indeed all one at this deep level. There is no denying that we are of one consciousness. We are one great being without separation.

More than that, as the issue in my client begins to move and dissolve, I feel it dissolving from the whole of humanity at that deepest point where we are all one. It is a humbling moment to know that one small person can help the whole of humanity and yet none of them will probably ever have any knowledge of that.

As we heal ourselves of our discomfort, so that discomfort releases from that greater ocean of human consciousness. The whole of humanity becomes lighter.

Reaching the Hearts of the Masses
Each week I offer the light of deep change to the hearts of many but most of those people have no idea what it actually means.

When you register to receive Darshan, those original frequencies of the Wheel of Light connects you to the source of all that is through my heart. You are sort of connected to everything that I know and can do so that your heart can learn. When I transmit the Golden Darshan Light, it comes directly from the source through my heart and into your heart. When you receive Darshan you offer God-consciousness the opportunity to work with you directly through those blazing spokes of the wheel that were given to me some 20 years ago. You have no idea how big this is for you, but for most of you, you probably won’t feel it or know it, not at least until you have made some distance on your journey towards enlightenment.

You also have no idea if the God consciousness is pouring light through your heart and into the hearts of others. The Path of Light is always heart to heart. Once a heart steps forward into the game of evolution, that heart is rewarded massively, but again, you may have little idea how.

Entering the 5th Dimension
Earlier this week I sent out an invitation to everyone on this mailing list to join me in entering the 5th dimension. It is the opportunity to use your heart for the benefit of the whole of humankind, the earth and the God-consciousness. It is an opportunity to work for the oneness that is just over the visible horizon of 3rd dimensional limitation. That invitation closes on Wednesday 5th June.

You may not experience touching the oneness as I do because maybe you can’t get that deep yet. You may not experience looking into the hearts of someone the other side of the world and going beyond time and space to help them in that moment, but one thing is for sure, you will be part of the light that has brought me to this incredible place of experiences that go beyond description. If it can do it for me, then it can do it for you, but the secret is in the dedication to the cause of bringing light into the world.

You cannot fully explain what it is like to be taken out into the Universe and look back at our damaged earth.

You cannot explain the pain our Earth Mother experiences as part of the oneness.

You cannot explain the feelings that it brings up in you when you feel the truth of what is just below the surface of what most people experience as reality, but the truth is indeed there. It is the truth and pain of human history which holds humankind in poverty of consciousness and ignorant of that which is just around the corner.

You can only know this truth from the experience of Entering the 5thDimension.

With my Deepest love and Blessings.