Thank You!
Firstly, thank you to all those who really enjoyed the teaching last week. It was a great pleasure bringing it into the world and I hope that it fed you well.

How Does Light Get into the World?
Well, what am I talking about? Light comes with every rising sun, but that is not the Light that I mean.

Spiritual Light enters the world through one source, but firstly, where does it come from?

There is Light and there is Energy and they are both very different. Light illuminates and Energy is a driving force. Imagine the power it takes to open a rose? It can’t open by itself it needs to be fed energy. It is energy that drives the rose into the world. Once the rose is fully formed, it gives off fragrance. Fragrance is a form of Light that attracts creatures to it.

Light attracts those who are ready for its blessing. Once they surrender to the Light, it blesses them and they grow internally.

I will give you a quick example. A few years ago I was suddenly in a very deep depression, full of darkness in my aura. As I walked around the garden there was some apple blossom on an old tree. I reached up to smell the blossom and within seconds my depression had totally gone. The Light in the frangrance completely dissolved the darkness in my aura.

Sunlight attracts people to lie on the beach and bathe in its glory, but too much will kill you because the sun is both Light and Energy. Primarily, it is the power of energy exchange that gives off Light. Although we think of the sun as the Light giver, it is really an energy source that offers us the benefits of Light. But as with all things that are powerful, we should treat it with respect.

But spiritual Light is a different thing altogether.

Spiritual Light is contained in a seed that dwells within you. It is like a radiant sun, so powerful that it is impossible to quantify but as with all things powerful, it must be treated with respect. This is why it takes time to open the seed and allow it to blossom.

When you begin to have a spiritual awakening, this is the seed within you reaching out to find a source of Light that will help it to come forth.

When you are drawn to ask questions or seek a pathway or a teacher, that is your seed of Light looking for something that will awaken it a little more. The seed drives you towards a source of Light.

Light comes into the world through a heart that has been illuminated. The heart is like a candle in a way. When you bring another candle close to one that is lit, the flame ignites the other. When a heart is aflame with the Love of the Universe, then other hearts that come close to it will benefit by drinking in some of that flame and feeding their own inner seed of Light.

Once the seed is stimulated, then it never ceases to seek Light until it finds it. It will be called to many, many paths sometimes, but at other times it finds what it is looking for in a single place. All paths, if they call to you, will feed your seed of Light in your heart.

Once the heart become fully illuminated at the core, then the driving force doesn’t need to look any longer. Your heart becomes a part of the greater consciousness of the Universe. Once the heart opens fully in this way, then you become the total servant of the Universe, a vehicle that brings Universal Light into the world.

Universal Light is the consciousness of all that is. It is like an ocean of wisdom that continually creates. There is no end, there is no beginning, there is only the Circle of Light. As we become a part of that Circle of Light, it continually uplifts us, stimulates us to be who we came here to be and nurtures us towards wholesome existence with a vision that comes from the highest place.

But there are many stages that come before you hold enough Light for the driving force of continually seeking to desist. As your seed illuminates a little at a time, then the Universe will offer you opportunities to develop it through working with others, bringing your Light to others, sitting with others and sharing your story of how you experienced each little step of illumination. Each new thing that you learned. You are all teachers just waiting to create your first sharing. Each little step raises your vibration by a few degrees and each degree offers you a new way of bringing your Light into the world. Allow your Light to drip from your tongue in words, or be printed upon paper or fly through the digital ether.

Light can only come into our world through a heart that has opened to allow it. Then the human being must then allow the Light to flow too. There is no point the Universe illuminating a heart if the owner of the heart does nothing to radiate the Light into the world. The great Universal Consciousness looks for those hearts that will bring what they have earned to the world and it feeds them.

Yes, earned! Light is not given freely, the right to carry it is earned. There is always an exchange, for that is how the Universe exists. Each atom feeds another atom and in turn each is fed by another and so the Circle of Light continues.  The Universe stimulates all hearts to awaken and find a source of Light on earth that will help them to grow.

Traditionally, it was the spiritual master who had attained his or her enlightenment through many years of separation from the milling crowd, in solitude and deep inner meditation. All they needed to do was sit there glowing and allow the seeking hearts to come forth and bathe in the Light that they had earned.

We are in faster moving times. The Universal Consciousness is pushing like mad to awaken hearts, but often hearts are not heard or even listened to by their owners. The mind has become stronger than the heart and overpowered it with logic. People live in a program that tells them how they should be. The heart lives in freedom from man’s rules and directives. When you truly hear your heart and act upon its feelings, you will be rewarded with things that go beyond description. You will earn a little more Light from the Source or will be called to a person whom the Source uses to bring Light into the world. You may even taste the ultimate Source of Light.

You can choose to seek a candle to illuminate the darkness of being or you can continually dwell in the darkness of being hardly realising that is where you are. Or you can remain in denial until some mighty cataclysm splits open the seed and allows your Light to emerge in a volcano that sears the tops of your ears so that you will at last hear what your heart is saying.

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I Bless You with the Light.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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