Letters to my Mother


  Angels by Your Bed   Dear Mum, When I arrived at your bedside in the hospital, you looked gravely ill and weak. There were four angels around your bed. One at each corner. They were so clear, like four pillars of incredible light. The pain in my heart was very deep and I knew things were serious, but I couldn’t tell if the angels were here to take you away or if they were just watching over you. They stood silently looking down. The doctors had removed your leg hours before and it looked like you were not strong enough to take it, but soon enough, you were awake again and coming round as the days unfolded. The image of the angels was so powerful. They stood like sentinels, one at each corner of your [...]

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David Ashworth – Extract from ‘The Keys of Transformation’


This week we thought we would bring you these powerful words, a short extract from the amazing book ‘The Keys of Transformation book one – Birth of a New Light’, written by David Ashworth and published in 2009. “The basic message of the book is deceptively simple. The time to change is NOW. The Age of Aquarian Light is here, pulling more and more people into its flow of healing and evolution and beginning a world-wide process of awakening and illumination for all those able to open to it. ”     “It is now your time to awaken. It is now your time to evolve. You are expected to learn detachment. You are expected to continually transform into higher states of perfection. Becoming detached allows your transformation. If you hold on to things, you won’t [...]

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The Cow Whisperer!


A Short Doggy Story and film clip Thank you to Nicky who shared her words and video below, of Zeus the dog. Click the link to the video on my YouTube channel below the text to see The Cow Whisperer!. Hi Dave  Thought you might like to see this video of Zeus. He's had a Distant Darshan twice, the last one was Sunday just gone and he has turned into The Cow Whisperer! Since Sunday, when he goes out all the cows follow him. He has calmed down a bit from the Darshan too and is more loving but it was the cow following that's been more interesting. They seem to be picking up the light!  Blessings. Nicky. WATCH FULL SCREEN AS IT IS SHOT AT A DISTANCE!

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