The Shadow of Death


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil… On the spiritual path, sometimes we have to pass through the darkness. Indeed, if light comes into our being, it will illuminate the darkness. If our own inner light goes through an illumination process, it too will stimulate darkness to rise from the hidden depths of our consciousness to be released through our heart. The shadow of death is nothing more than a shadow. It is not death, for there is no death of the essential being that is our inner light. We are eternal but merely wearing this cloak of disguise whilst we walk through the valley of this physical experience. Our shadow is cast as light shines upon our ego, that part of us that makes itself [...]

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Divine Grace and Good Fortune


In every moment, someone loses someone close and thus pain and grief tumble from the heart to fill the aura, then tumble from the aura into earth. At any one moment, millions of people are in that state of pain and grief, yet for most, they do not feel it as they did not know the person who has passed or those in grief. A child, a grandmother, a husband or a wife. Who knows the pain, the searing strife. Who knows the emptiness, of passing life? When that pain and grief touches us, then we know it and can attest to the difficulties of others when it comes upon them, but for the most part, lives pass and we don't know those people. Their pain does not touch us as it would if it were [...]

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The Illusion of Time


As we all know time is an illusion, it doesn't exist. Those who have made many advanced steps on the spiritual path may even have learned how to go beyond time and space and enter Fifth Dimensional Reality. However, we have to come back into this reality to function at any level where other people might actually understand us. LOL. This illusion of time can be a tricky thing. Firstly, it doesn't exist and so you can't have any of it in the first place, but you can actually run out of it, even though you don't have any! That has been the situation this week, I'm afraid. Those of you who dwell upside down below the equator will have noticed that you didn't read a notification for Darshan in time to register because the time [...]

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The Apprentice


The journey begins when you are born. You become an apprentice human being and your Masters are your parents. The role of the Master is to pour love into you and teach you the ways of the world. As you grow, your apprenticeship moves through phases, especially as you develop the desires for what you like to experience. Perhaps that is swimming or sport, drawing, fabrics, model making or a million others things that children love to engage in. Perhaps all you have is a muddy yard full of filth to play in. No matter, your imagination will offer you great opportunities to be happy merely playing with a couple of stones. Take a moment for gratitude for the apprenticeship you have, for it may offer you so much more than others to stimulate that divine [...]

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