David’s NEW BOOK – Golden Rabbit


Buy on Amazon My New Book GOLDEN RABBIT is launched today. I've hinted at Golden Rabbit a couple of times recently to see if anyone was curious enough in following the clues down the rabbit hole. LOL. Well, some of you did and thank you for that. As with all things that are given through the light of the Universe, the words are transmitters of light, not just words on a page. Those who are ready will receive the light and already there have been some wonderful reviews where people have truly experienced being on this transformational journey with Rahh as he drinks in the light of Golden Rabbit. You can read some reviews in the website:  www.Golden-Rabbit.uk. It's not just a story, it is a journey into light and in the writing of it there is no doubt [...]

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My First Vlog


By some miracle I managed to sit in front of a camera to speak to you, by way of a change. I shouldn't be afraid of cameras as I've done quite a bit of TV including live TV, I've been filmed in full-day workshops and I've been a photorapher for over 40 years, but to actually get round to setting up a camera and speaking into it has taken me a long, long time. Quite clearly a bit of self-sabotage in there. I think the real reason is that my thought processes are quite slow and much better suited to writing than speaking and so I've considered for a very long time that I didn't have anything coherent to say in front of a camera. As we know, the Universe sends us a prompt now and [...]

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