Pilgrimage in the Light of Truth


Whether we understand it or not, we are all pilgrims, those on a journey. Some of us are actually aware at times that we are making a specific pilgrimage to perhaps a holy place or a place that maybe sacred to us in some way, having some kind of meaning to our heart. I have been on many pilgrimages to the ancient standing stones, where for some years I was given a reward from our Earth Mother for having journeyed with an open heart in order to learn about the nature of sacredness, or even the sacredness of nature, and in fact, both. As my consciousness was opening and expanding I was guided to visit these ancient places in order to be given a vibration to create a vibrational essence. It would transpire that each essence [...]

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Cynicism and Suspicion?


The word Gospel means Good News. Go tell the Gospel, the Good News. What has that got to do with Cynicism and Suspicion? The expression of these two words are encountered often by people who's lives may not be the same as those who might be considered, 'the norm', or as the lives of ordinary folk. If you have experienced a different kind of life from 'the norm', and as a result experienced a different kind of life-experience, well then, you better be prepared to encounter the projection of Cynicism and Suspicion when you share your story. This has been happening to me since I was a boy at school. I was fascinated by the Universe, for example, and amazing scientific facts would store themselves in my mind, such was my excitement to discover them, but [...]

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