The Recent Free Darshan Opportunity


Dear All, Thank you so much for your feedback recently. Unless I receive anything I really have no idea what's happening on the other side of my Darshan Transmission. Fortunately, people do from time to time send some feedback that I can share with you, and this is so valuable to both you and I. Below this article is some feedback from Viki. Thank you Viki. Recently, I offered two Darshans, one was free and the other I asked for you to consider what it was worth to you and use a Donate Button (if you wished to donate) a value that you could place on this Divine Blessing. Many of you really got the message in this little game and the answer was, "How can you put a value on such a thing as a [...]

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Emptying the Oceans


Emptying the Oceans There is so much to share this week that it will have to wait until next week, LOL! Just a short note for contemplation. Those who are switched on and listening to what's happening in the world tend to have a finger on the pulse, but every now and then something catches your eye or jumps out in some way. It was a letter in The Times on Wendesday July 18th in response to an article of the previous day entitled Sharks under attack. 39 Million sharks killed so far this year! Well, that did jump out at me just a little. That's more than half the population of the UK and we are only just over half way through the year. Currently there are around 73 million sharks killed every year and [...]

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Ok, I surrender!


It's been a full-on week and last night I was too tired to write something for our Saturday Darshan page, so I left it until this morning. I usually sleep for about 6 hours at night, but last night it was almost 9 hours. After catching up on a few emails I opened up the mailchimp to write you something, but nothing was there. I went out and sat in the sun for a bit of inspiration and went back to sleep. I was aware that the sun was very hot and so after about 20 minutes I came back in the house and went to sleep again for another half hour. I was well aware of my brain energy being low and a bit flattened from the busy week, but came back to the computer [...]

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Understanding Love


I had a knowing as a child that the majority of people didn't understand what love is. But, neither did I when I was that young person. So, I had this knowing, but I didn't know the answer and would not understand until many years later. How do you explain that to people? Well you can't because understanding love is a process of inner transformation. Love is nothing to do with how you feel about another person, animal or thing. Those strong feelings that we might have for others are emotional attachments and connections which bring a reflection of good, powerful and passionate feelings. Where can you find the word love in those words? You can't because it isn't there. This is just one small example of how we use words to mean something without really [...]

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Take a day off!


I had a couple of days off this week and spent some time with a friend in London. We had planned some time ago to visit a healer we know and then enjoy an afternoon meditation with his group. It was a great day and I met an old client from almost 20 years ago who was assisting on the day. What a wonderful surprise to see her and see how she is doing. She has unfolded and blossomed into a lovely divine spark bringing her own light into the world. When the meditation began, I was out cold within seconds. We had a little mantra to say and I barely got it round once before I was gone. Speaking later with my friend, it was the same for him too. We both agreed that it [...]

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