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Every now and then someone will ask a very valid question, the answer to which might help many, so I have often written a teaching on the subject. One such question that comes up often is this: Q:  Why do you use the term Guru, David? Answer:  To show you how you limit your own growth. Answer:  To show you what you could attain in a single life-time There are a number of answers to this question, so here we go. 1.  When my heart finally opened fully to the enlightened Divine state, it TOLD me that I must use the term guru. I didn’t want to use it for lots of reasons. Who do I think I am? It sounds pompous and ridiculous. People will judge me - Who does he think he is? People [...]

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How to become a Light Bringer


A friend posted a question about How to become a Bringer of Light and I have offered a little teaching on it, based on my own experiences. The process of Bringing Light into the world is, like all things of a universal consciousness nature, both easy and difficult. Lol. When you can do it, it's easy... Lol, but getting there for most people is a journey and quite often, those who are going to be really gifted at becoming a Light Bringer will often have a very difficult life to begin with. Maybe we will talk about that at some point, but the reason I mention it here is that those people who have a really tough time in life often think they are not going to make it. They often have a terrible record of [...]

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