Re-connecting with your Heart


Changes afoot in the Universe This week, a visit from a friend brings forth this teaching. The Lord works in Mysterious ways. LOL SPECIAL OFFER BELOW of the Reconnection Essence - Reconnection  A few days ago a friend came to see me. I had been waiting for him to be ready for some years for his heart was full of light but he had thrown a dark veil over it. For sure, the light shone out of him, but he was almost separate from it. He wasn’t living within it but it was living through him and flowing into the world in the best way it could, not because of him, but in spite of him. When the Light wants to come then we have to embrace it. You can’t prevent the light from shining into [...]

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What if Your Whole Life is Wrong?


Switching Your Reality What if your whole Life is Wrong? Here is a little story of how reality might not quite be how you see it. LOL - What if you woke up in the morning and you were completely changed physically. For example, if you are a currently a black skinned person and you woke up with white skin or vice versa? How would that affect your life, who you are, how you interact in the world? The changes and challenges would be so massive that it is really impossible to even consider an answer to that question. But what if you woke up and something had changed but not to such a dramatic degree? Imagine you woke up and had a sudden and very clear message in your mind that you were in the [...]

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What does 5th Dimension Really Mean?


Entering the 5th Dimension What does 5th Dimension really mean and how is it possible to enter it? We live in the 3rd Dimension. We can see feel and touch most things around us. We can pick up a cup and examine it all the way around, but we can't be inside the cup and outside of it at the same time. That is experiencing in the 5th dimension. You don’t see into 5th dimension you become a part of that reality, or at least your consciousness does. I was given to write this teaching today as the result of a lovely 5th dimensional experience that I had the other day when working with a very close and valued colleague. An issue had been coming up with him that was very deeply rooted and this had [...]

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