As the Light gently opens your heart


As the Light gently opens your heart, It reveals to you who you are. It isn't a quick process because it is a process. It is gentle. It warms you from within. It enlightens you from within. Then a little at a time you see your truth, The reason you chose to come here, To see the work you came to do. And as your heart opens, slowly, gently, over time, Your Light shines out into the world. Healing all who fall into its rays. YOUR LIGHT, just YOUR LIGHT. With your light you will help humanity to overcome limitation, and emerge in triumphant transformation. That is merely one of the gifts you will receive, As YOUR LIGHT emerges into our world. With my Deepest Love and Blessings. David.

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On the Edge of Eternity


Whilst helping a colleague recently, it was a great privilege to see the golden thread of life. Whilst working with other colleagues too, it was also a privilege to see their consciousness opening up to reveal the limitations of certain past lives. All of these individuals have worked with me for a number of years. One in particular has worked with me for close on 20 years and the evolutionary process continues to reveal the most wonderful and amazing images as these people pass through ever deeper transformation. In certain individuals, this inner transformation is the magnificence of the Divine Feminine pouring through them from the source, as she births into this world and in this process a great transformation must unfold in order for the individual to hold that energy. Their whole consciousness must shift [...]

On the Edge of Eternity2018-12-04T11:25:40+00:00
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