The Twilight Zone


It’s that time of year where for me it feels like the Twilight Zone - the space between the winter solstice and the start of the natural yearly cycle and the space between Christmas and the beginning of the calendar New Year. It is that space where a lot of people don’t really seem to know what to do with themselves, but at the same time enjoy the period when they have taken extended holidays. Usually by this time, those who have work to go to are getting ready to enjoy that last great party of New Year’s Eve before launching themselves back into work mode for the coming months. When I was younger and running my typesetting business in Manchester, as the New Year began I would work solidly without a day off until the [...]

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My Story Vlog


Dear Friends, I've not quite got into my rhythm yet after my heart event, but I am much improved this week and almost back to normal, whatever normal is. LOL. I intended to send out this Video Log on Thursday but couldn't get the times to flow so I'll send it today. It is just a little bit about my own story, the beginnings of my journey into light, as it were. Also, thank you for those who ordered items from my list last week. As we are now very close to Christmas, with post being busy at this time of year any further orders may not arrive until after Christmas especially if they are travelling abroad. I'll send out the list of items once more on Monday for you. Thank you once again for all [...]

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