Extreme Hope – The Essence of Possibility


ESSENCE OFFER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE! The Birth of Extreme Essences The Extreme Essences were channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree, the result of spiritual insight and communication with the nature spirit kingdom. These essences, given to me without asking, have proved to be incredible at touching emotional energy at depths and in ways not previously understood by humanity. The Ocean of Emotion Our emotions can be seen as an ocean of liquid energy. The Ocean of Emotion. It is energy, running and flowing, moulding itself into expression within your Being. Flooding the human consciousness with its essence of expression. Just as an ocean is deep and light penetrates the waters to a certain depth before all goes dark, the emotions that wander and express in the lighter surface regions are less [...]

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Earth Healing Project


Hi Everyone, This is where the Earth Healing Project begins. Click to Register your interest in Earth Healing YOU NEED TO SIGN UP QUICKLY. THIS REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON SATURDAY 9th MARCH There is no charge for this project. All you need to do is sign up to this mailing list so that I know who is in the project and can then speak to you all from this particular mailing list. The Link is Above! We need to move fairly quickly with this project, so as soon as everyone is signed up, I can begin to guide you in how to progress this project. It is easy. You don't need to know anything. Once you have set up your place for the earth healing I will transmit the light to trigger the process, through [...]

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Next Week – An Earth Healing Project


Next week I will be announcing an Earth Healing Project that anyone can join in with. For those who don’t know about my Earth Healing work I have more than 25 years practical experience in this area and working with the earth has always been very close to my heart. I have always been deeply connected with Mother Earth, even before my awakening. I had an awareness that there was much going on in the earth that we couldn’t see or know when I was young. In my early days of earth healing I worked with many dowsing teachers learning Classical Dowsing based techniques for surveying and correcting Geopathic Stress. For many years I was on the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers too. As my talents increased naturally I developed an Intuitive Feng [...]

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