Part 3 – How the Mind Limits You


We were going to begin today’s teaching with Developing Energetic Stamina, but there is still more to understand about How the Mind Limits Us. We are the products of our environment, which consists of our culture, education and peer structures. In certain tribal cultures for example, all is shared and there is no understanding of personal possessions. Our western culture is not built on any spiritual structures although religion has played a part for a long time but is currently fading a little, whilst a truer spirituality is also rising. But essentially our culture is dominated not by the nurturing of our inner being but the training in logic. We live in a world that is dominated today by logic and so our decisions are made logically, with the mind and not through the feelings of [...]

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Part 2 – How the Mind Limits You


Continuing from last week we were discussing how the mind can guide you in the wrong direction for your evolution. There are many reasons for this, so let’s explore some of them. Firstly, at what level of consciousness does your mind function? The answer to this is that it cannot possibly function at a higher vibrational level than the rest of you. Immediately we see to total and complete limitation of the mind in one simple sentence. Everyone’s journey is towards enlightenment and the guiding principle towards this goal is located in your heart, the seed of golden light that we call God. It is so very important to see the God-consciousness as being within yourself. It is most definitely not some being outside of you, yet there is an aspect that is indeed outside of [...]

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Part 1 – Hearing the God within You


Your spiritual journey begins where it begins and that place is usually with some kind of inner change or insight that tells you to move in a different direction. Even by the end of this first sentence, I can feel an excitement that I will explain to you later. My journey began around the age of 38 years. It came with a lot of dizziness and a pressure inside me that actually blew me up physically. This inflation would last for some hours and then go down again. I came to understand later that I was being filled with Light. Not a pleasant experience in the beginning and particularly as I seemed to be losing all focus when it happened but I got used to it. I am telling you this because perhaps you are only [...]

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