Circles and Cycles – The End – The Beginning


The Universe is calling me to let go of the Distant Darshan and to move my focus towards my Circle of Light. I will from time to time let you know about Circle of Light and how you can join. Thank you most sincerely for your presence. For journeying with me and I hope that my words and teachings have been able to help you from time to time as you unfold your life within the love of the Universe. - Stepping out of One Circle and into Another The End – The Beginning It doesn't matter where you look in the Universe, everything is going round in circles. Planets going around suns. Galaxies in spirals. Comets arriving and leaving on the same cyclical path. Weather patterns spinning this way and that. Cyclonesandanti-cyclones gyrating one way [...]

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The Struggle of Changing – Washing the Cup


Change is sometimes suddenly thrust upon us and we have no choice other than to adapt to a new situation but at other times we know that we must change and that is where the difficulty arises. Making changes can be difficult because our sub-conscious doesn't like anything to change. The sub-conscious operates from a place that wishes everything to be the same, every single day. For example, if you are an adventurer of any description and each weekend you go off adventuring, you would think that you are living a fulfilled life. In one way could be because you may be living your dream, but at the same time, perhaps your sub-conscious finds peace in that activity because you are doing the same thing each weekend. Inner Security When we become workaholics, why do you [...]

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Long Hot Summer Nights…


I think it's too warm to think! We've just passed through Summer Solstice in the north and below the equator, you are just about to feel the light returning to you and the warmth of the life-giver as he spins his way south. The days are so long up here in the north that I never feel like coming in the house and going to bed, but we do need to rest and recuperate, giving our bodies what they need in order to make the best of the coming days. Planetary changes are incredible to observe. Of course too many people feeding at the trough of Mother Earth is one issue that I never hear a single politician speak about, and certainly humans have made a bit of a mess of the world, as ever more [...]

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