Watching the Film of My Life


Last week I said that we would be having a Special Offer this week. Well, due to a situation beyond my control, namely not being able to plan or read my own diary, it won't be happening until around Tuesday next week. The reason being that I will be abroad for a few days and won't be here to send out the Special Offer.  Very sorry for this error. Consciousness! It's deeper than an ocean, Bigger than the sky, Wider than the heavens, That you see with your eye. With something indefinably vast, how is it possible to ever understand ourselves? If you could view your life from a remote perspective, it would be like watching a film. When you watch a film you see only the light that shines through the celluloid projecting onto a [...]

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The Light of the World


It was close on 30 years ago now that everything began to go wrong. I was working 16 hours a day running a small business. Two small businesses, in fact. I had a small typesetting business serving advertising agencies and the print trade and I had also created the first totally organic professional hair product range approved by all the major players such as PETA, the RSPCA, Vegan Society and The Vegetarian Society. The trouble was, the ethical message was too far ahead of its time and hairdressers preferred to stick with the major cosmetic companies rather than take a risk on something new. Yes, they all told me that this was what the industry needed, but right now they were happy to stay where they were. One day I said to myself, "it is impossible [...]

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