Courage and Forgiveness


Just a little white lie is all it takes to pervert the whole of the consciousness of humanity. Did you ever think about the impact of your thoughts? A thought is like the proverbial pebble in a pool, sending out ripples to the edge of eternity. When good thoughts manifest at the centre of your being, they radiate light outwards into the soup of life, which we can call the Collective Consciousness. The Collective Consciousness is indeed very soupy and all people drink unconsciously from the contents of the soup each day. It touches all of us and influences all of us in ways that most of us may not be aware. If you think about the Collective Consciousness as a kind of mist that surrounds the earth, maybe about 20 feet deep (7 metres) you [...]

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Am I trying too hard?


Do You Try Too Hard? Is the Spiritual Path easy? If you are doing it well and correctly, then the answer for most people is probably no. If you think you have nothing to learn about how the Universe works, then you will be inhabiting the temporary delusion of illusion. How long will it take me to get anywhere? You have no idea as each person’s journey is different. How do I know if I’m getting anywhere? The answer comes in confirmations from the Universe. Some people have a natural gift with languages and others find it almost impossible to get their head around pronunciation, meanings, cultural understandings and just the plain difficulty of reading or speaking in another tongue. The Spiritual Path is like that too. For some, they are in alignment with it, but [...]

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This week, Just a Sweet Thought!


SUGAR... Mix with water... See how thick it becomes... Then think about blood. How thick is blood? Mix with SUGAR with Blood. Imagine the pressure that the heart has to cope with. WATER... Seed of all LIFE... Mix Water with Blood. Blood becomes thinner and the heart does not need to worry so much about pumping the life blood around your body. The Heart does not have to think too much of survival. I can think of Love and Life, rather than how to cope.. Love your Heart. Drink Water! Drink Water and your Heart will Love You. And you will become Love. Wishing you all a wonderful Darshan this Sunday. With my deepest love and blessings. David

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Ego – The Delusion of Two Selves


Some think that there is only light, and once you put the darkness down, indeed there is only light. But the distance between the two is a long, long road and unlikely to be attained in even a handful of lifetimes. If it is your thinking that you are now only light, then that is where the delusion begins. The moment that you realise that you are full of darkness; that is where the truth begins. Truth is where the journey begins. Acceptance of the ugliness of the ego is where progress begins and that is the moment when you first attract the help of the universe. The effort it takes to dissolve one ounce of ego from who you think you are, takes more energy than trying to climb Mount Everest with one leg, one [...]

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