Light Across The Water 2


All seems to be happening across the water at the moment. On Tuesday I will go to San Diego, California to meet with some wonderful people who are going to be working with me on the new world-wide Circle of Light. I have mentioned Circle of Light two or three times now and some of you may be wondering when it will surface. Well, I think it will finally be born around the Spring Equinox 2018. The birthing process has been deep and profound, taking me through a 4 month period of the Dark Night of the Soul. Now, I've been through a good few of these in the past as the Universe has poured light into my heart to open me to ever new processes and possibilities, but this last one was something else to [...]

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Light Across The Water


Last Friday, my colleague Ryan posted a short film of me that was shot about a year ago by amazing film maker Nic Askew who lives in the USA. This morning I received two specific messages, one was from Nic who felt the film was 'Awsome' and that he would be sharing it with others. The other message was some feedback from a very close colleague of many years, who had an amazing experience of the Darshan that was transmitted through the film. She is also in the USA. Here is the feedback. Dearest Dave, How are you doing? I just wanted to let you know that when I watched the Darshan video today when the Light was pouring into the camera, that I had an amazing experience. Suddenly there were two Daves in front of [...]

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The nature of the Evolutionary Process


It’s all about the heart. When the heart begins to open you have no doubt who you are and why you are here, but how do we get to that point? Also, are you a Chosen One. A person who has been sent here on a mission to help humanity? Yes, it might sound like a grand title, but those who wear it often have had extremely difficult lives as they had to learn so much in order to be able to help others. However, we are not going into that today, but looking at a particular case study of evolution in action in the life of a healer. This is the story of Janey, a spiritual student who has worked with me, as and when needed, for a number of years. The process of spiritual [...]

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Train Crash at the OK Corral


Obviously a play on words from the latterly famous shoot out at the OK Corral between lawmen and outlaws. This illustration is about how opposing forces come together face-to-face sometimes and unless some wisdom is applied to the situation then serious consequences can result. In the case of the OK Corral, some were killed and others were wounded. But what has that got to do with the spiritual path? It is very simple. It is an illustration about energy, light and darkness. First of all it is the energy of opposition. Two opposing forces with a different world view that come face-to-face. Each one insisting that theirs is the right way, or their way and the other should just get out of the way or perhaps even be annihilated. You see it throughout history. One force [...]

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