Love is all around us, but what we see in the media is the opposite. I began to write a book a long, long time ago called An Act of Evil, but like a  number of books, once I had put my thoughts down and gained the understanding that I was looking for, I abandoned the project for the time being. It all started when I was woken with an insight in the middle fo the night, that's often when they come. It was a play on words. To be full of LOVE, is to LIVE and anything less than being full of Love is to be partly filled with something other than Love. To LIVE is the act of allowing LOVE to flow through you and express itself into the world, but if you allow [...]

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A Meeting With Destiny


Today is a beautiful autumn morning in my part of the United Kingdom, just over the border from ancent Wales. I love the border lands, there is always mystery here. In fact I lived in deepest Wales for 8 years in my late teens and early twenties and I still have friends in that part. One friend in particular shared my passion for the ancient sacred places and we visited and explored many interesting sites, not printed in most of the guide books. One of those sites in particular gave us a most spectacular display of the nature spirits in action one day. As we walked through an ancient forest track towards the Cromlech of Gwal-y-Filiast, my friend was a couple of steps in front of me. Suddenly an energetic wall was thrown across our path. [...]

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The Light Of The Heavens


This morning I woke up in the Universe, totally surrounded by endless light and power. Can you imagine how big the battery must be to run the stars? Have you ever looked at the amazing images from the Hubble Space Telescope? I captured some of the Universal Energy once for a book cover and it was a fascinating process, bringing the light of the universe down to earth and putting it on a page. Well, it’s easy really, you just print the photo. Lol. The photograph was of Cassiopeia, a neutron star. Neutron stars are formed when giant stars die in the process of exploding into supernova. A section of the photo was used to provide a base of Universal Energy in one of its most amazing transformational processes, the energy of supernova death creating the [...]

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Seeing What Stands Before You


One has to be very careful what is said about the source of all things because if the seeker of light is not yet ready to see the truth that stands in front of them, there will be one of three responses. The first response is nothing, simply because they cannot see the light yet. The second response usually comes when the light of the first party touches the ego of the second party and the response is then often the projection of anger and blind judgement upon the first party. The third response is when the heart of the seeker opens and they drink in the light that is offered, unspoken by the first party. The Light then touches them in the heart with absolute knowing of the truth of the moment. However, there can [...]

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