Where does the Light come from?


Thank You! Firstly, thank you to all those who really enjoyed the teaching last week. It was a great pleasure bringing it into the world and I hope that it fed you well. How Does Light Get into the World? Well, what am I talking about? Light comes with every rising sun, but that is not the Light that I mean. Spiritual Light enters the world through one source, but firstly, where does it come from? There is Light and there is Energy and they are both very different. Light illuminates and Energy is a driving force. Imagine the power it takes to open a rose? It can’t open by itself it needs to be fed energy. It is energy that drives the rose into the world. Once the rose is fully formed, it gives off [...]

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Easter Sunday Distant Darshan


The Black Hole I recall when I was young my fascination of whether there were such things as Black Holes in space. The first black hole was only discovered in 1971 but Albert Einstein predicted them in his general theory of relativity in 1916. I have always been fascinated with space and what is out there, and also the oceans and what is down there. We actually know more about space than we do about the deep oceans and yet they are on our doorstep. But both places are alien to the support of humans without artificial means of breathing equipment yet all life on this planet originated from within the briny oceans. We are in fact post sub-aquatic bipeds. Isn’t life amazingly wonderful? I have spent many happy hours studying the brilliant photographs of outer [...]

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Earth Healing Celebration


FUN TIME - See the Interactive World Globe for the Healing Locations that we received. Today's sharing is primarily for those who could not join us for the world-wide Earth Healing Event a few weeks ago on the Full Moon Equinox. We thought you might like to see the results. We have three links for you. The first is a link to the Interactive Globe of the world showing many of the Healing Locations world-wide. The globe is great fun to play with, so have a go with your mouse. This link takes you to my Circle of Light website. The second link is to a feedback page where some of the participants share their experiences of the Light and the healing process. This is also in my Circle of Light website. The third link is [...]

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Part 4 – Energetic Stamina


Dear Darshan Community My apologies that I have not been able to write a teaching in these past weeks due to being fully engaged in the Earth Healing Project that we launched early in March, and which began on the Full Moon Equinox just over a week ago. Shortly, I will share with all of you in the Darshan Community the results of this amazing experience. Part 4, Developing Energetic Stamina To work effectively with healing energy you need to develop what is called Energetic Stamina. To work with Light, you need to develop the capacity of the heart in a number of ways. As we first begin to work with any form of energy such as crystals, essences, Reiki or any other healing modality, the aura must attain a level of strength that can channel [...]

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Extreme Hope – The Essence of Possibility


ESSENCE OFFER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE! The Birth of Extreme Essences The Extreme Essences were channelled to Earth via The Rectory Oak Tree, the result of spiritual insight and communication with the nature spirit kingdom. These essences, given to me without asking, have proved to be incredible at touching emotional energy at depths and in ways not previously understood by humanity. The Ocean of Emotion Our emotions can be seen as an ocean of liquid energy. The Ocean of Emotion. It is energy, running and flowing, moulding itself into expression within your Being. Flooding the human consciousness with its essence of expression. Just as an ocean is deep and light penetrates the waters to a certain depth before all goes dark, the emotions that wander and express in the lighter surface regions are less [...]

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Earth Healing Project


Hi Everyone, This is where the Earth Healing Project begins. Click to Register your interest in Earth Healing YOU NEED TO SIGN UP QUICKLY. THIS REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON SATURDAY 9th MARCH There is no charge for this project. All you need to do is sign up to this mailing list so that I know who is in the project and can then speak to you all from this particular mailing list. The Link is Above! We need to move fairly quickly with this project, so as soon as everyone is signed up, I can begin to guide you in how to progress this project. It is easy. You don't need to know anything. Once you have set up your place for the earth healing I will transmit the light to trigger the process, through [...]

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Next Week – An Earth Healing Project


Next week I will be announcing an Earth Healing Project that anyone can join in with. For those who don’t know about my Earth Healing work I have more than 25 years practical experience in this area and working with the earth has always been very close to my heart. I have always been deeply connected with Mother Earth, even before my awakening. I had an awareness that there was much going on in the earth that we couldn’t see or know when I was young. In my early days of earth healing I worked with many dowsing teachers learning Classical Dowsing based techniques for surveying and correcting Geopathic Stress. For many years I was on the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers too. As my talents increased naturally I developed an Intuitive Feng [...]

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Connecting with the Earth Mother


  A key element in spiritual development is grounding and connecting with the Earth Mother Consciousness. There are two main elements to consider. The energy of the Earth Mother and her consciousness. She is a being like you and I but somewhat different in appearance but the common factor is atoms. All things are made of atoms and each atom is where the consciousness is found. Her consciousness is magnificent and huge and as humans we don't even come close to her abilities, knowledge or power but we inhabit her space as fleas inhabit a dog, that is, for the most part most people do not consider their host. Our Earth Mother is our host for this incarnation. She supports us selflessly and this video tells you a little bit about how the development of our [...]

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Part 3 – How the Mind Limits You


We were going to begin today’s teaching with Developing Energetic Stamina, but there is still more to understand about How the Mind Limits Us. We are the products of our environment, which consists of our culture, education and peer structures. In certain tribal cultures for example, all is shared and there is no understanding of personal possessions. Our western culture is not built on any spiritual structures although religion has played a part for a long time but is currently fading a little, whilst a truer spirituality is also rising. But essentially our culture is dominated not by the nurturing of our inner being but the training in logic. We live in a world that is dominated today by logic and so our decisions are made logically, with the mind and not through the feelings of [...]

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